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We understand how important hearing is to your quality of life. The stories from those affected by hearing loss in our community have shown us the exponential need for hearing healthcare support for individuals who are uninsured or underinsured for hearing healthcare.

The GiveHear clinic has seen explosive growth in our efforts to provide hearing technology and follow up hearing healthcare at reduced cost and on a sliding fee scale.  

We know your hearing concerns are unique. Visit our clinic and be cared for by our licensed audiologist with specialized equipment tailored to your needs.


3 Steps to Hearing Success!


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Hearing Highlights

“It’s just so strange right now to be hearing all these things, and I’m not struggling. It’s just hard to want to have your hearing back and then be granted it. It’s just a small miracle in my life. It’s amazing! ”   — Christine
Gary Chester.jpg
“One of the biggest difference that the hearing aid is making for me is to hear again things I had forgotten all about. After being fitted for the new hearing aid I could hear water running, I’m looking forward to things like traffic sounds, birds singing, things I remember being able to hear at one time and slowly have just lost the ability to do so.”   — Gary
“We get together, ten or twelve of us, and go dancing. I used to not hear when they are talking to me. Now with my hearing aids, I tell them, ‘Be careful what you say, I can hear you now!’ I even tell my kids that too. And they say, ‘Mom you can hear me!’ and I say, ‘Yes, I can.”   — Frances

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