Hear-o Spotlight: EVELYNN

Post by: Ellie Zuber


HEAR-O: Evelynn

Age: 6 years old

Uses: 2 Cochlear Implants, or Magic Ears 

When She Got her Magic Ears: “I got my right one when I was two years old and I got my left one when I was 5 years old”

Why she loves her Magic Ears: “I love my magic ears because I can hear all of the animals when I go to the zoo with my mom”

Why she loves coming to GiveHear: “I like bringing my baby doll to listen for sounds in the booth”

What are you most excited to do this summer? Go to myrtle beach with mom and go to the water park

Fun-Fact: Evelynn was born completely deaf, but with the help of her magic ears she had normal speech development


Anna Bogdon