Skilled in the Art of Home: Hospice Loaner Program

Post by: Ellie Zuber

Hospice is a time where medical professionals strive to provide a person and family with quality care and comfort during their final days. A large part of quality of life during this time is the ability to communicate easily with loved ones. For those with hearing loss, it requires much more effort and can be very tiring simply trying to listen and communicate with others. GiveHear saw a need in our community for a unique program that caters to the hearing needs of those in hospice and developed the Hospice Loaner Program.


Through this program we are able to provide hearing tests and a set of programmed hearing aids for absolutely no cost to the patient or family. As long as the patient is in the Fort Wayne area, we will send an audiologist to the home or living facility for all of the care. In exchange for the hearing test and hearing aids, we ask that after the patient has passed that the family give us a call so that we can express our condolences and pick up the hearing aids so that we may bless the next patient with them.

There are absolutely no income requirements for this program and the only qualification for a patient to qualify for the Hospice Loaner Program is that the he or she be admitted into hospice care, whether that be at home or a medical facility.

While in hospice, it can be difficult planning for the future and making investments such as hearing aids. We believe that all patients deserve the ability to communicate with loved ones, without the financial stress of hearing aids.

If you or a loved one is interested in the program, please give us a call at 260-602-3276 and we would be more than happy to walk you through the process.


Anna Bogdon