Staying Active with Hearing Loss

Post by: Ellie Zuber

Working out with hearing aids in can be tricky for a variety of reasons. It can be frustrating to take out the hearing aids and struggle to hear during your workout session, especially in a workout class environment. And if you have hearing aids that stream music, it can be very convenient to swap those poorly fitting headphones for your music-streaming-hearing aids. But, is it a safe choice? That depends on your workout type and workout setting.

First, excessive moisture (hint, hint sweating) may cause wear and tear damage over time. If you will be sweating excessively or working out in a heated environment (like hot yoga or barre), it’s best to leave the hearing aids safe in your gym bag. Moisture from sweat or excess humidity in the air may seem harmless in short durations, but it doesn’t take long for that moisture to damage hearing aids and cost you a pricey repair.

Another common issue hearing aid wear-ers may encounter when working out is retention. If your workouts consist of a fast paced run, the hearing aids will likely begin to work their way out of your ears. This may not be a huge issue, as you can always readjust the fit of the hearing aids, but you do run the risk of them falling out of your ears and getting lost on the run.

Moral of the story: hearing aids can be great during workouts (especially those music-streaming hearing aids) but be cognizant of the intensity

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Anna Bogdon