Hearing Help Desk at Your Service

Post By: Ellie Zuber

Professor Hallux’s Hearing Help Desk at Your Service

As children with hearing loss get older, they may begin to ask questions about their hearing loss. Questions like “Why do I have a hearing loss?” or “Why am I the only one in class with hearing aids?”. These are big questions that need to be answered so kids can learn importance of their hearing healthcare and self-advocacy. But, they can also be very tough and complex questions for parents to answer.


Phonak, one of the top pediatric hearing aid manufacturers, recognized this sometimes difficult conversation for parents and created a fun educational show known as “Professor Hallux’s Hearing Help Desk” to address these questions. Professor Hallux’s Hearing Help Desk are short videos on YouTube where Professor Hallux teaches children things like: how the ear works, why self-advocacy is important, and how hearing aids work, in a fun and easy to learn way!

If you have a child with hearing loss, this can be a great resource to supplement the counseling of your audiologist and allows your child to see hearing loss featured on a fun television show!

These videos are available at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLya8vOHQyOR-npxsYEIwbBRPTjoJem4P3 and are completely free!

Anna Bogdon