Give Hear believes strongly in your dignity and your quality of life. If you or your loved one is on Hospice Care, we want to come along side of you and support your hearing health care. 

Our Hospice Loaner program offers reconditioned hearing aids to those struggling with hearing loss and are currently under the care of Hospice.  We believe that connecting to your doctors, your family and your friends is critical.  Let us help take away the barrier of hearing loss.  Qualify for our loaner program with a simple referral from your Hospice team or your Primary Care Doctor.  Call us for more information at: 260-602-3276.  We will meet you where you are.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you during this difficult time.


  • Referral from Hospice Program
  • Referral from physician under care

Program Benefits

  • Hearing Test completed prior to hearing aid fitting
  • Hearing aid for one or two ears (depending on need)
  • Hearing aid style chosen by our audiologist from the donated stock
  • Hearing aid fit and programmed by licensed audiologist
  • One year entry into the Give Hear program with re-qualification necessary every year (automatically re-qualified if continuing in hospice care)
  • Wax removal from ear/s if needed

Patient Responsibility

  • Cost of ear molds (if needed) - charged at 50% off - $27.50 each due at time of fitting.
  • 50% off of any repairs or parts after warranty expiration
  • Accessories (batteries, wax domes, etc.) charged to patient at full cost.


  • Give Hear is a non-profit audiology clinic that provides hearing healthcare in the fitting and maintaining of hearing aids.
  • Our community donation program provides our clinics with good quality hearing aids to be used in our loaner program. At such a time as the patient no longer needs the loaner hearing aid(s), we ask that the loaner aids are returned to the loaner hearing bank.